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HDTV for SDTV Production By Ron Johnson Most everyone knows that material originated in HDTV can look as good or better when transmitted in SDTV. This has to do with better color reproduction, wider dynamic range and above all, resolution. While HDTV is in a ?toddler stage, there will no doubt be countless creative applications in the years to come that will progress from adolescence to adulthood. Some techniques will undoubtedly be brilliant, others will be mediocre and perhaps soon forgotten. One technique I have been considering is using HDTV to produce SDTV programming. ...Read More »
NAB Diary 2004: Preview Edition By Stephen Schleicher Now in its fourth year, the NAB Diary will be returning to these pages in just a few weeks giving you an up close look at the action going on at the show. While the show is still a few weeks away, now is the perfect opportunity to give you a sneak peak at the thoughts going through my head of what we might expect at the show. ...Read More »
Digital Video Remakes Itself?Again By Charlie White With a major portion of the buzz surrounding this years NAB centered around HD production on the cheap, the entire digital video editing market is set to be turned upside down, sideways and every which way. As it did in the old days, circa 1997 with the introduction and implementation of the DV format the video industry is about to remake itself? again. Since you, dear readers, were significantly titillated by my last editorial missive which touched on the HDV juggernaut, Im compelled to muse further about this new high-rez, yet low-cost format and its implications. Come on inside and lets hash this out for a minute. ...Read More »
Acclaimed Film Director Kevin Smith's Take on Harvey Weinstein By Kevin Smith It feels like every year at this time, someone "discovers" that Harvey Weinstein is a tough businessman with a temper as large and legendary as his passion for cinema. Whoa. Stop the presses. ...Read More »
Santas Wish List By Charlie White As the first snowflakes of the year fall on the Midwest Test Facility, thoughts drift off toward peace on earth, jingle bells, chestnuts and reindeer. And, oh, yeah, theres the giving and getting that characterize this season of cheer and joy. But lets not beat around the bush and watch the woods fill up with snow Christmas is coming and its time to get together that list of items youve been lusting after all year. ...Read More »
Thanksgiving for Editors By Charlie White Its that time of year when those of us who live in the United States pause to give thanks for all that has been bestowed upon us in the past year. So, in keeping with this quaint custom, I decided to list the things digital video editors, and we here at Digital Media Net are thankful for. Its been a good year for technology in general and video editing in particular. So, let the thanking begin! ...Read More »
Coming Soon: Mac G5 vs. Fastest PC By Charlie White We are asked all kinds of questions here at the Midwest Test Facility. Lately, the one query that seems to find its way into the in-box more often than any other is some variation on, ?When are you going to test the new Apple G5 against the fastest PC? If youll just allow me to lure you inside this site by clicking on the link to this editorial, Ill tell you when. ...Read More »
Live Dog or Dead Lion? By Charlie White Here on Digital Media Net, we like to keep you informed about all the latest technology. Reading through our pages, you might think I would recommend that you get rid of the digital video editing software and hardware you are now using and write a check for that newest, shiniest editing system, that speedy new computer or that spectacular new software package. Well, step back with me for a minute and get some perspective on this. Are you comfortable with what you're using now? Are you getting the job done? Are you earning money with it? ...Read More »
Editing in Software or Hardware: War of the Worlds By Charlie White It's getting to be the best time of year here on the wind-swept prairie of the Midwestern US; it's Autumn in the land of Orson Welles, Frank Lloyd Wright and Houdini. It's a region where an auteur can architect a bustling video business, in a setting that is pure magic. When Fall comes around, it makes me think of what's falling and what's rising in the macrocosm of this Midwestern microcosm -- this highly competitive War of the Worlds that is the magical architecture of digital video editing. Specifically, what's the best way to speed up the editing workflow -- using hardware or software? Or both? ...Read More »
The Inevitability of HD By Charlie White We've been watching HDTV coming around the corner for the better part of a decade. Some are fed up with all the waiting. Is it really arriving now? Can we start editing and shooting in HD? Will there be anybody there to watch this beautiful footage we'll shoot and edit? What's a producer to do? I think the tipping point is here, and it's time to start looking at full-fledged HD production across the board. ...Read More »
Reviews Revisited: The Test Of Time By Charlie White We review a lot of products here at Digital Media Net's Midwest Test Facility. From time to time, I get mail from readers asking how such-and-such product has held up over the long run. So, here's a group of follow-up mini-reviews where you'll see how some of the devices and doo-dads we've reviewed over the past few years have withstood that most supreme of challenges: The test of time. ...Read More »
Post House in a Box By Stephen Schleicher Sitting on my doorstep last week was a rather unassuming box. Small in size, but heavy in weight, this box contained the Adobe Video Collection Professional. While this collection may seem like something that will end up sitting on the shelf, Adobe has actually created the most powerful postproduction software collection you can buy in one go. ...Read More »
Customers Take a Back Seat to Profits By Charlie White I've noticed an alarming trend lately. It seems the corporate bottom line is getting to be more important than customer satisfaction. Software prices, although lower than historical levels, are still way too high, while support services are no longer free. Making matters worse, some perfectly good hardware and software has been orphaned, while others are left wanting for driver updates that never seem to come. User agreements give you no rights, and a lot of software breaks down more than an old used car. Helloooo?Can we get some help here? ...Read More »
Back to School Pep Talk By Charlie White It's that time of year when many of you are heading back to school, saying goodbye to the laid-back rhythms of summer and returning to academic pursuits. If your chosen course of study involves the world of digital content creation, here are a few helpful hints. ...Read More »
Avid: Arrested Allegiance Alleviated By Charlie White A few months ago, some of us here at DMN went to a seminar in Los Angeles that was hosted by Quantel and attended by a disproportionate number of post-production industry players. It seemed like the audience was full of disgruntled Avid users, looking for a way to escape Avid's clutches -- to break away from what many characterized as a company that didn't have their best interests at heart. All were curiously kicking the tires of the new Quantel offerings, while joining in on often-acrimonious discussions that seemed to regularly steer their way back to Avid and its customer relations problems. Today, just a few months later, I'm hearing those gripers changing their tune. What happened? ...Read More »
Coolness Roundup: The Well-Appointed Edit Suite By Charlie White Here we are in the middle of another long, hot summer. But relief is on the way, because here at Digital Media Net we're going to bring you coolness of all stripes. It's time once again for our twice-annual special Coolness Roundup: Suggestions for a well-appointed personal edit suite. We'll help you equip your edit-shop with appurtenances that are not only efficient, but comfortable as well. ...Read More »
What About The Mac? Readers Respond By John Virata There has been quite a range of viewpoints regarding Adobe discontinuing Premiere on the Mac. The What About the Mac editorial of July 7 has brought to light several interesting opinions from those who use the Mac platform specifically and those who use Adobe's tools in general. Below are a sampling from DMN readers, the great majority of which seem to think that I was too opinionated Apple and not opinionated enough on Adobe. ...Read More »
Premiere Pro a Slam Dunk By Charlie White The 90-pound weakling of nonlinear editing, Adobe Premiere, has just been entirely re-written, turning it into a muscle-bound bully into whose face competitors would be foolish to kick sand. ...Read More »
What About the Mac Version? By John Virata In February 2002 I wrote in this column about Apple Computer's acquisition of Nothing Real, and mentioned to some extent that the acquisition, and others like it (Emagic, Silicon Grail), would piss off some of the software developers that develop for an already dwindling Mac platform. It appears that this is what may have occurred with the release of Adobe's latest video editing application. ...Read More »
Apple's Prevaricating Pinocchios of PR By Charlie White (6/25/03) Well, hallelujah! Apple has entered the twenty-first century with the new Power Mac G5, the fastest Mac we've ever seen and a enormous improvement over its predecessor, the G4. Now, Apple will soon be selling computers that are in an entirely different league. It's time to celebrate. But all is not sweetness and light. Unfortunately, Apple's media flacks, those prevaricating Pinocchios of PR led by CEO Steve Jobs, the Joe Isuzu of computerdom, decided to do a little sleight of hand to make the G5 seem even better. ...Read More »
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